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3 tips to help you keep your house safe during lockdown period

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home cleaning and disinfecting

It’s 2021 and the first thing we wished for is covid 19 would be a thng of the past and that we would have a new and bright year to live in. Nope. Unfortunately, things still remain bleek as we’re not only in another lockdown which is expected to stay till march but theres’s now new variants of the virus in the UK, showing virus has no plans of leaving and is a high risk issue. If you’re interested in selling your house, or keeping your house safe in order to avoid bring the virus to your property you have to keep in mind that the house needs to be cleaned effectively because covid can stay on surfaces for long periods of time. So here are 3 tips for making ensuring your house is clear of contamination.  

Disinfectant wipes and spray

Cleaning house

This is the first and most necessary step into cleaning your property for the virus. Things such as disinfectant wipes and sprays are useful in cleaning up surfaces such as; doorknobs, tables, countertop, etc to clean out bacteria and viruses. One of the issues with this however is considering we’re in another lockdown they’ll likely be a higher demand for these two products meaning it might be hard to snag one. Regardless it is important as with the virus staying in surfaces long it’s important to clean it to avoid touching it and getting your self or anyone else in the household contimanted.

Avoiding public contact

avoid public contact

Another way to avoid bringing the infection into your house and avoiding the need to deep scrub your house is preventing it beforehand. How you do that is ensuring that you minimise the number of times you  touch high contact surfaces, this can be when you go out to a doctor’s room, touching ATM machines, and even using public bathrooms. This can be done by bringing hand sanitizer to clean your hands whenever you touch something from the public. Or even when you place your shopping bags down in your house, you take the time to wipe them down to avoid bringing any infected products that people have touched in the store.


clothing cleaning

Last but not least, an important thing that you need to be doing when coming home is obviously, cleaning your clothing, towels and bed linens. These are important because the virus can attach itself to your clothing and towels. If anything a useful tip is to try to lay out clothes for transport and clothes for a home to avoid sitting down and lying in your bed with clothes that you used when on the bus or train where it can likely be contaminated. When washing clothes make sure you wash with bleach-based laundry products at 40 or 60 celciusus to avoid the germs spreading and ensure also you remove them from your washing machine because the germs left in there can quickly multiply.


To conclude, it’s crucial that we try to avoid spreading the virus in anyway we can. As you know the virus can be on any public surfaces so it’s important you have the right cleaning procedures to avoid risking yourself and your loved ones from catching this virus, especially if you plan on staying in a rental or cleaning your house before you plan on selling it.

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