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Are All Estate Agents The Same?

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I started in the Estate Agency the day after I turned eighteen. It was in the lettings department. I wasn’t sure what I was more excited for leading up to my 18th, being able to buy a pint from my local pub, or starting my first real job as an estate agent!

Starting my career being an Estate Agent

I remember my first day like it was last week. Driving an hour and a half to Croydon with a massive grin on my face getting ready for what was a new beginning. Three months went by, and that grin was non-existent, I would wake up at half 5 and struggle to even lift my arms out of bed. By the time I arrived at the office, I was deflated. I didn’t have that passion for it anymore. There were constant arguments within the office about how this wasn’t my applicant or not my viewing. It seemed that every person looking for their next home was just a pound sign walking around the house.

You could cut the tension in the office with a blunt spoon. Every minute I was there, it felt like there was a gigantic dark cloud looming, snatching your personality and turning you into a robot. The same routine day in day out: call the enquiry, do the viewing, chase the offer. If there isn’t any offer- delete them. Eat, sleep, drained, repeat. It became clear that each staff member was an annoyance to the other. Each was there to steal commission, and I felt like an inconvenience whenever I asked for training (which wasn’t often!).

Aidan La Croix - Conran Charlton Senior Negotiator

A glimpse of hope from Conran

I believed that every day would be different in the Estate Agency. But it just felt like Groundhog day

However, just like any good film, Groundhog Day had a happy ending!

At that point I began to feel that Agency wasn’t for me, a chance of hope pinged through on my phone. It was an estate agent vacancy position at Conran. I called my mum immediately and asked her to help me with my CV. She works in HR, so it makes sense! A few days went by, and I received a call for an interview; I was thrilled! The interview was in person in the Greenwich Branch (pre-COVID).

In the few minutes I stood waiting to be called, I knew this was the kind of environment I wanted to work in. Professional, fun, and most of all, passionate. 

Not the passion for how much you could make, but instead, for helping people. I would soon understand the sheer joy of making your goal to help people and seeing them fall in love with their next home! From the first contact, at an excitable viewing, to the happy couple picking up the keys and a cold bottle of prosecco, this was a journey that I wanted to be a part of.

I sit at my desk a year on from that interview. I work with colleagues that I see as friends. They nurtured me into the negotiator I am, spending vast amounts of time training me, teaching me the core beliefs they live by. I know that everyone in my office has my back and supports me with my career progression. This company is filled with people with desire, a passion for helping all those viewers that walk into our office, a passion for calling customers time and again to connect with them because we want to tell them about the latest home we have to sell.

I’ve discovered that first impressions are everything in this business, and if it starts with a friendly smile and some nice words, you’re off on the right track.  

Customer service is what keeps us ticking over at Conran, and I love that. I’m out of my bed at half six sharp(ish!) – I now work down the road! Driving eagerly to the office whereby I strut in with a huge grin on my face… and that grin is still there when I walk out.

Conran Team Anniversary

A Tale of Two Agents

Although only a few miles away, these two estate agents feel worlds apart, and I am so glad I made the change. Here at Conran, the team maintained their level of excitement felt from conducting that very first viewing. We are speaking to genuine people here and treating them well.

I’m always looking to the future with Conran. I’m so thankful for the relationships I’ve formed, the job satisfaction I attain and the level of Professionalism I am surrounded by.

So, thank you Conran – you are a different class of agent, and no, not all agents are the same

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