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Building Your Own Home

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Building your own home is a challenging but profoundly rewarding task, especially if you do it right. From choosing the perfect plot of land to designing the layout and selecting materials, there are endless decisions to be made. However, the rewards are plentiful. Not only do you could create a truly unique and personalised space, but you can also save money by cutting out the middleman. And with the UK government’s recent push to encourage more self-building, there has never been a better time to take the plunge and embark on this exciting adventure. Conran Mortgages can help you in this regard by helping you acquire self-build mortgages to fund this important project.



Planning is crucial before embarking on any large-scale project, especially one as significant as building your own property. It’s essential to make a comprehensive plan that considers every detail, from legal permits to the design and construction process. For starters, you need to decide on the size and type of property, location, budget, and timeline. You may choose to hire an architect, builder, or both to help with the planning process. The importance of planning cannot be overstated, as it will determine the success of your self-building journey.

It’s best to research and learn as much as you can about the process. Building a home on your own requires a great deal of commitment, patience, and attention to detail. Some tips to consider include selecting high-quality materials, following best building practices, and implementing eco-friendly and energy-efficient designs. This will help to ensure that your home is durable, comfortable, and sustainable.

A self-building project requires a realistic timeline that considers every stage of the construction process. It should include obtaining planning permission, choosing designs and materials, hiring a contractor or sub-contractors, and obtaining insurance. Depending on the complexity of your design, building your own property can take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete. Having a well-laid-out timeline that factors in unexpected delays and contingency plans is therefore essential. By carefully planning and executing each step of the process, you can build your dream home and achieve the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and functional that is tailored to your needs and tastes.

Self-Build Mortgages


In the UK, self-build mortgages have become an increasingly popular option for those who wish to build their own home. Unlike traditional mortgages, which are intended for the purchase of an existing property, self-build mortgages allow individuals to build their own property from scratch. One of the primary differences between the two is that self-build mortgages are released in stages, with the money being provided at different intervals throughout the building project.

To qualify for this type of mortgage, applicants need to demonstrate that the project is viable by providing detailed building plans, as well as a realistic budget. To obtain one, individuals must work with their lender to establish a payment schedule, which is typically based on the different stages of the building process. With the support of a knowledgeable and experienced mortgage broker such as Conran Mortgages, individuals can be sure that they will receive the best possible advice and assistance throughout the process.

Important Considerations


There are several important considerations to keep in mind when building your own home.

COST is a key factor to consider as self-building can involve a significant financial investment. It’s important to set a realistic budget and account for all expenses, including materials, labour, and contingency funds.

SUSTAINABILITY is also a critical consideration in today’s environmentally conscious world. As such, it’s essential to ensure that your self-build project aligns with sustainable practices, such as using recycled or locally sourced materials and incorporating energy-efficient technology.

QUALITY ASSURANCE and compliance are also crucial when self-building a home. Be sure to work with reputable builders and architects who are experienced in self-build projects and can ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met. This is particularly important when it comes to building codes, planning permission, and environmental regulations.

RISK MANAGEMENT is a critical consideration when self-building a home. Unexpected issues like weather delays, cost overruns, and construction defects can all arise during a self-build project. Taking proactive steps to mitigate risks and adopt a contingency plan can help ensure that your project runs smoothly and is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.



Self-building a home is an excellent option for those looking to create a unique and personalised living space. Beyond just the ability to bring your dream home to life, self-build projects also offer substantial financial benefits, including a potential increase in property value and reduced upfront costs. With the help of self-build mortgages, such as those that Conran Mortgages can help you acquire, it is easier than ever to turn your dream home into a reality.

We understand the complexities and challenges associated with self-build projects, and that’s why we’re here to help. Our experienced team can provide you with valuable advice, guidance, and support throughout the entire process – completely free of charge. So, if you’re considering self-building your dream home, get in touch with us today to see how we can assist you with your project.