Joining Conran and Becoming Part of a Team

By: Courtney Obrien
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Courtney O’Brien

I spent 21 years in education facing many rollercoaster events before graduating as an ambitious young lady with the whole world ahead of me, and then the Pandemic hit! Arrrgghh!

I didn’t ever think I would struggle to look for a graduate job, but I was out of work for just over a year. For a while, I didn’t think things would get better… but they did!

Where It All Started …

Being someone who constantly wants to keep busy, I juggled a part-time job alongside my full-time degree. Before long, I managed to get promoted to management level in a retail store which was great. Having all these different responsibilities was a great way to get as much managerial experience as possible. After working in retail for a year, I was determined to get a graduate job! 

I found myself an admin job with a start-up company that offered me the chance to travel to America for work. Unfortunately, due to covid, things didn’t go to plan, and I lost my job. This was a difficult time as, like many others who had lost their jobs and even furloughed, I knew I wasn’t alone. I hit rock bottom; my world was turned upside down. I felt lost. To be completely honest, I didn’t know what to do.

Where It All Began …

Graduating from Uni, I struggled to work out what I wanted to do as I studied a pretty broad subject. There were some things I enjoyed more than others, such as creative marketing. Still, I knew in the back of my mind that that was a tough industry to get into especially considering I didn’t have any professional experience. I decided to start looking into free online courses to build my skills and knowledge. I started doing at-home projects and trying to create an updated portfolio, became Bob Ross!

Countless job applications later, not hearing back from anyone, I came across an internet marketing job, did my research, saw no experience was needed, sent off my CV and Cover letter and within a couple of hours later, I got an email offering me an interview over zoom the next day. A successful zoom meeting later, I progressed to stage 2, where I had to complete a brief by the following day; I made sure to spend the whole day doing this, making sure I committed 110% (which I always do). The brief was sent off, and to be completely honest. I was so nervous. 20 minutes after sending it, I received my final email. I was asked to come into the office for a 1 to 1 meeting.

Due to covid and the constantly changing restrictions, I was very much on edge and anxious, not knowing what to expect or knew how it would all work since I hadn’t had an interview in person in a while. I came to the office, was greeted by friendly staff members and then met Oliver, the director. Of course, at an interview, everyone’s nervous; I know I was, but after a couple of words, I felt very much at ease, interviewed by someone who was super friendly, calm and made me feel more relaxed if anything, the interview was more of a chance to get to know each other (which sounds a bit cliché!).

I felt like a Capri-Sun being squeezed to the last drop as this time it was utterly different how this business will allow me to grow as a person as well as my skills and knowledge, the training and support that is offered to me, goals and work office ethics and how Conran wants to invest in young talent in their marketing department. Conran resonated with me, especially with it being such a diverse company. Not long after communicating back and forth, asking questions, I was offered the job.


And here I am, you’re now hearing from the new internet marketer. Nice to meet you!

Starting at Conran has been a fantastic opportunity and a refreshing start (pun intended!), working for a company that believes in me, wanting me to reach my goals and be the best version of myself. The team is super friendly and welcoming. I can’t wait to see where this takes me, and I’m looking forward to the future with Conran. 

My closing takeaway is…

Be determined, don’t let things stop you, take risks and aim for happiness!

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