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Estate agents in Lee

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Estate agents in Lee

The first person Conran has in mind is you. The vision is to assist you in your renting, buying, letting or selling journey and see you achieve and fulfill one of your dreams.

We have created a 100% transparent process from which begins with all members of Conran ensuring they remain knowledgeable and up-to-date with property news and events.

estate agents in lee

Buy a Property

Buying A Property In Lee

Lee is known for its rich greenland. Even backed a century, Lee is described as a quaint area perfect for cultivation. Many areas have been redeveloped but Lee has maintained its tile “Lee Green”.

The improvement on technology, construction, and architecture impacted this city, creating various opportunities and activities making Lee a perfect place to live in!

Surrounded by many facilities with almost complete transportation means, you can dream bigger here in Lee SE12.


Property Buying Services in Lee

Property Buying Services in Lee

The Conran upholds a world class service which projects Conran’s values which are to be yourself, be entrepreneurial, be responsible, and be generous. We are ourselves by being the best Estate Agent Lee has ever had, being entrepreneurial by providing you with the best deal fitted for you, being responsible by ensuring you are well taken care of, and being generous by exceeding your expectations.

Managing your finances is an important aspect of property buying too! Our Estate Agents can provide you with options and sound advices to help you make a stress-free decision right from the beginning.

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Sell a Property

Selling A Property In Lee

Moving and selling your home can be laborious and exhausting. There’s a lot of packing on one end and preparing on the other end. By engaging the services of Conran, the road to moving and selling your property to its new home owners can become smoother.

Property Selling Services in Lee

Our Virtual Video Tour is one of the best services we offer to all Conran clients for free. It comprises having a professional come over the property to take photos to use for advertisements and create a Virtual Video Tour.

We have been working with the best photographers in the field to guarantee that all properties are captured in the best light and angle as possible. Our goal is to capture the very essence of each room to help potential buyers understand the memories and potential each space brings.

Let a Property

Letting A Property In Lee

Management of properties is almost a full time job. It can be overwhelming which is why it’s best to share the load with Conran Estate Agents Lee. We can take over the hard parts and let you enjoy the good parts.

Property Letting Services in Lee

Service A. Letting Only

Letting Only or known as the “Self-Managed” Letting Service is a package built for Landlords who enjoy the most aspects of managing their properties except finding suitable tenants.

Service B. Rental Services Included

The Rent Collect Service is a letting service comprising Letting Only service with an added service of handling invoice, payments and collection.

Service C. Full Management

A Full Management Service is a full package service comprising Letting Only and Rentak Services package with the addition of our Estate Agents handling every aspect of your tenancy.

Property Letting Services in Lee

Rent a Property

Renting A Property In Lee

Renting is a step towards your dream. Choose a home that will help you achieve your dreams in a neighbourhood fitting you and your needs. Aim for a rental property with high security, comfort, and homey feel.

Property Renting Services in Lee

Rental properties are a commitment. Conran Estate Agents can help pave the way pon finding you a property worthy of your time, effort, and money.

Our expert and experienced Conran Lee Estate Agents will accompany you with viewings, hear your feedback, and provide you with more properties fitting your requirements and needs.

To protect your wealth, Conran Lee urges you to take part in a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. It comes in handy especially at the end of tenancy, ensuring any type of dispute between you and your landlord is dealt fairly.

In addition to that, we promise you security and insurance when it comes to your wealth. Conran Lee enters all tenants into a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme to ensure that any disputes at the end of their tenancy are dealt fairly.

You are in safe hands because Conran entered a Client Money Protection (CMP) program with Propertymark. Check our Client Money Protection Certificate here.

Property Renting Services in Lee

Area Guide in Lee


Manor House Gardens

A beautiful National Heritage open for sporty crowds and nature lovers with spaces for sports pitches, flower gardens, and ornamental ponds and dog-walking areas.


Northbrook Park

A spacious and lovely park preserved and gifted by Lord Northbrook to the community of Lee for family members of all ages to enjoy!

Edith Nesbit Gardens

A very kid-friendly space with lots of space with built playgrounds.

Colfe’s School

Keep moving! Stay fit and healthy with an academy built to enjoy sports and gymnastics.

The Kitchen

Feed your hunger from day in and day out in this lovely restaurant!


You can never go wrong by going Italian! Get an authentic Italian dish, freshly made, cooked, and served hot just for you!

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