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Conran Estate and Lettings Agents in Catford

Conran estate and lettings agents in Catford in partnership with the top 2 valuers in the area have a combined 50 years of experience and expertise in the industry

We have been providing excellent service for over 20 years as an independent estate agency with local agents who routinely produce and deliver results that benefit our clients. Our performance as lettings and estate agents in Catford always exceeds client expectations.

By constantly innovating and influencing industry standards, we maintain our perennial edge over our competition. We adapt and calibrate our methods to suit prevailing market conditions, as well as take advantage of the most efficient means to give your property the exposure it needs. We’ll ensure that your property will be visible to buyers or tenants on digital portals such as Zoopla, Rightmove and our website. Our extensive network of estate and lettings agent in Catford and the rest of the UK will further ensure that our marketing efforts for your property have ample traction.

As members of The Guild of Property Professionals, your property will be available to almost 800 property agents from all over the UK. This almost guarantees that you’ll find the most suitable tenants and transact with the perfect future owners of your property.

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Catford Estate and Lettings Agents

Why Choose Conran Property Agents Catford?

Choosing Conran property agents in Catford means you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to maximise your investment.

We have a progressive and forward-thinking approach to help you achieve the most profitable deal or monthly rental revenue stream. Your property will have its own bespoke and tailor-made marketing strategy. We’ll employ traditional campaigns, such as distribution of custom brochures and professional quality video presentations for online campaigns. 

We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with support and updates over the phone, in our branches, and via the property portals and our own website. You can be sure that we’ll be happy and ready to make the process as efficient and trouble-free for you.

Know that partnering with us means that you’ll be working with the best in sales in Catford*. 

Our Estate Agents Catford Fees


Your home is special. You’ve filled it with precious memories. It is where you enjoyed warm, home-cooked meals, shared laughter with family and friends on many and different occasions and experienced the joy of the holidays. Your home made you feel secure and reassuring whenever the outside world felt overwhelming. Let us share its story in a beautifully crafted video.

Share how you feel about your home in the “Vendor” says section. Let its future owners understand how it became special, so they can get a glimpse of the wonderful life that they soon will have in their new home.

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As a landlord, you are vulnerable now more than ever. Constant changes in legislation puts you at risk of getting penalised over non-compliance because you were not aware of a recent change. You certainly don’t want this problem on top of the usual issues that come with being a landlord.

Let us help you rid of such worries and make your life as a landlord easier than it has ever been. With decades of experience and proficiency in the industry, you’ll have ample safeguards to avoid the risks that make you vulnerable. As partners, you become ARLA regulated that will protect you from issues that you often worry about such as rent and financial disputes. 

We have established long-lasting relationships with clients who have enjoyed and still are enjoying a steady and profitable rental income. Our stringent methods when selecting tenants ensure that you have professional and pleasant renters. The in-house referencing service that we use facilitate the vetting process using the highest standards possible. We use the same strict scrutiny that underwriters use when analysing applications.

You can access a larger pool of tenants by availing of a deposit replacement scheme. 

We offer rental property management service that will make your job as a landlord so much easier. Having us run most of your business processes will free up more time for you to spend however you wish while still enjoy a steady monthly rental income.

Download the landlord information sheet HERE.

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We won’t charge you just so you can move into a property. By waiving standard fees, you know that your money is safe in our hands.

Just like any responsible agent should, we take measures to protect your money. We’ll secure your deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme. This will keep it safe in case any disputes arise at the end of your tenancy. It will only be released until after such disputes have been resolved in a fair manner.

You can bypass the standard 5-week deposit by opting for a ‘membership’ instead. Call us to for more information about this arrangement.

** For your full peace of mind, we use Propertymark as our Client Money Protection (CMP) provider to ensure that you are in safe hands **

We have a list of rental properties in Catford that you can access. With agents who are members of the community, they may already know a rental property or two that suits your preferences and budget. Our list of rental properties likely includes just the perfect one for you. We’ll be happy to accompany you if you wish to check and see the properties for yourself.

A dedicated team will work on your references to ensure that they are returned as soon as possible. The same team will also see that the contract is executed properly to allow your negotiator to concentrate on your end of the transaction.

Use the PROPERTY SEARCH field to look for a rental property that you want to include on your shortlist.

Download this INFORMATION SHEET for tenants 

Call us to talk with one of our expert agents for free advice.

* If we manage the property or if the landlord instructs us to act for the deposit.


Catford House Prices

Current Catford house prices have an average of _______ ranging from ______ to _______ according to Bricks and Logic. Several factors affect market prices including location of the property, current condition and the number of bedrooms.

Properties in Catford that were sold the previous year were mostly (1,2,3) bedroom flats and houses.

Source: Bricks and Logic

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