Estate Agents - Crofton Park

Crofton Park is just one of the areas the Conran Estates dedicates our services towards. If you’re looking to do any property deals in the area, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you. Our team truly cares about helping our clientele. When we work with you to help you meet your goals, we give you the individual attention that you need to get it done swiftly and to your satisfaction. Our estate agents have faced all kinds of situations and defeated a variety of problems. Our bespoke services are designed for you and will deliver like no one else can.

Great Reasons to Live in Crofton Park

Crofton Park is where the hamlet of Brockley once stood, but it’s now a neighbour to the area of Brockley. This area has grown from just a few buildings in the 19th century to a residential neighbourhood. The high street provides shopping and leisure opportunities to residents. There are some excellent buildings to admire in the area. They range from the Brockley Jack pub to the local library, built in 1905. As well as traditional pubs, you’ll find multicultural offerings to eat and drink too. Enjoy everything from Jamaican to Malaysian food, as well as reliable fish and chips. Social residents can head to the Rivoli Ballroom to enjoy a calendar of events, from cabaret to tea dances.

Schools in the area include Prendergast Ladywell Fields College, the main secondary school. Primary schools are available too, including Beecroft Garden Primary School.

Our Landlord Services

Landlords or potential landlords in Crofton Park can benefit from our range of services. We can find tenants for you, as well as manage your property. Our tenant search process uses the best of modern technology and techniques. We make sure to utilise mobile searches, social media, and various property listing portals.

Our Tenant Services

Tenants can worry about finding both the right property and the best landlord or property manager. If you want to rent in Crofton Park, Conran Estates will assist you to make the process easier. We can help to match you up with the right property and make signing a new tenancy agreement much smoother.

Our Seller Services

We aim to go beyond what other estate agents do to help you sell your home. Start selling your property in Crofton Park by getting in touch with us for a free valuation. We can market your property in a range of ways and also offer you advice on the sale. Just like our landlord services, we can use all the tools available to us to advertise your property.

Our Buyer Services

If you want to buy a property in Crofton Park, start by looking at the properties we have listed. You can get in touch with someone from our team whenever you want if you need more information. We can show you the properties that match up with your wants and needs to help you move into your new home faster.

We’re only a phone call away if you need the services of a bespoke estate agents in Crofton Park. Call today to enquire about your needs.