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Conran Estate and Lettings Agents in Kidbrooke Village

In close association with the top 2 valuers in the area, Conran estate and lettings agents in Kidbrooke Village have a combined 50 years of experience and expertise in the business.

We have continued to produce favourable results for our clients consistently for over 2 decades. Going the extra mile in service to our clients has long been a routine for our agents who are true Kidbrooke Village locals. We are proactive and strive to exceed client expectations. 

Conran lettings and estate agents in Kidbrooke Village use innovative methods that are flexible, constantly adapting to prevailing market conditions. We provide your property with maximum visibility to prospective buyers and renters via high-traffic portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and our own innovative website. Estate and lettings agents in Kidbrooke Village are part of an extensive network of industry experts who are sure to give your property a wide exposure.

Our lettings and estate agents are members of the Guild of Property Professionals—an 800-member strong association of agents from all over the UK.

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Kidbrooke Estate and Lettings Agents

Why Choose Conran Property Agents Kidbrooke Village?

Choose Conran property agents in Kidbrooke Village and you’ll have decades of industry knowledge working for you.

We’ll provide a promotional campaign for your property that is bespoke and unique. With a forward-thinking and innovative approach, we will use conventional and progressive marketing techniques. We will cover traditional and online marketing techniques to give your property ample exposure to potential buyers and renters. 

Practicing with transparency, professionalism and honesty is paramount for Conran property agents in Kidbrooke Village and other Southeast London areas. We seek to transform the perception held commonly of estate agents and forge lasting relationships with our clients.

Having us as your partners means that you have the best agent for sales in Kidbrooke Village working with you.

Our Estate Agents Kidbrooke Village Fees


Your home is special. Over the years, you filled it with pleasant memories of family and friends. Your home is where you enjoyed warm home-cooked meals, cherished time with loved ones, and spent the holidays. It is where you always felt secure, even in the most uncertain of times.

Let us share the narrative of your home.

Make others understand how your home came to be so special in the “Vendor Says” section. Give its future owners a peek into the wonderful life that is in store for them as its future owners through a commissioned videography of your home.

 Call us and let us make it happen.



Constant sudden revisions and changes in legislation puts you, landlords, at risk of getting penalised for non-compliance. These are just one of the many worries that landlords like you have to deal with. 

We’ll can unburden you and help you handle most of the problems that are giving you headaches and sleepless nights. As our partner, you’ll be ARLA-regulated, which will protect you from major issues such as money problems and much more. We will provide you with ample safeguards and help rid you of any vulnerabilities from unnecessary penalties.

For over two decades, we have delivered profitable results for our partner landlords consistently. We help them establish pleasant and healthy relationships with their tenants. We’ll ensure that your tenants are vetted to the highest standards with our in-house referencing service. Our standards and methods in tenant selection are as stringent as those used by underwriters when assessing mortgage applications.

We will also provide you with the option of electing for a deposit replacement service in order to gain access to a larger pool of tenants. Call us to know more about this arrangement.

With our rental property management services, you can free yourself from all the problems that are part of being a landlord. You can spend more of your time on other pursuits while still enjoying a steady revenue from your rental property. 

Download information on landlord fees HERE.

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Move into a property paying nothing. This is to show that you can trust us with your hard-earned money. 

Like any responsible agent should, we’ll keep your money secure in a TENANCY DEPOSIT PROTECTION SCHEME. Should any disputes arise at the end of your tenancy, you can be sure that your money stays safe until the issue has been addressed and resolved fairly. 

We’ll also provide you with the option of electing not to pay the standard 5-week deposit and opt for a ‘membership’ instead. For more information about this arrangement, reach out to one of our agents.

** For your full peace of mind, we use Propertymark for our Client Money Protection (CMP) provider meaning that you are in safe hands ** 

Our listing for available Kidbrooke Village rental properties is extensive. We’ll be glad and ready to accompany you on viewings.

We have a dedicated administrative team that ensures fast and proper execution of your tenancy contract to enable your initial contact to concentrate on your side of the transaction. The team likewise sees that your references are returned as fast so you can move in as soon as possible.

Use our PROPERTY SEARCH feature to look for properties that suit your preferences.

 * If we manage the property or if the landlord instructs us to act for the deposit. 


Kidbrooke Village House Prices

Kidbrooke Village house prices range from as low as __________ to as high as _________ with an average of ______________, according to the latest Bricks and Logic data. The asking price for your property will depend on your actual location, number of beds and current condition.

In the previous year, most properties that sold in Kidbrooke Village were ____-bed houses.

Source: Bricks and Logic

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