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Landlords: Being an expert Property Manager

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For twenty-one years, we have been experts when it comes to managing properties. Back in the ’90s, I recall how simple regulation was as there was limited accountability and to be compliant with the rules wasn’t too tricky.
Fast forward to 2019, and it is a different story, and quite rightly so. We are in ‘generation rent’, and therefore governments need to make housing standards of paramount importance.
At Conran, we have expanded our Property Managers team to ensure we offer world-class advice. From the outside looking in, it seems an easy task managing property, but it is quite the opposite.
Property managers primary responsibility is to be an expert in all legislative matters relating to managing property. It is a real balancing act to ensure tenants and landlords are happy while following the letter of the law, and this involves mediation and compromise as well! One mistake and you could be challenged removing an unwanted tenant.
We have many landlords who wish to self-manage, and many do a great job, but others revert to a managed service once they realise what is involved.
If you are a landlord or you have property aspirations, then click here for the majority of legislation you need to know when it comes to managing property.
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