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Independent vs Corporate Estate Agents

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Choosing the right estate agent is a critical step in selling your home. Making the right decision can increase viewing numbers, offer numbers, and secure a higher selling price.

As you may expect, this blog may be slightly biased because we are an independent estate agency with four offices in South East London, but let us explain why we believe independent is best! And then you can decide for yourself?

Independents Tend to Offer Better Service

Corporates are likely to have rigid protocols and procedures in place, which may not always be in your best interest. Yes, we all need some processes to keep the wheels spinning, but never at your expense. As an independent, we have only ourselves to answer to. Therefore, we have more leeway in terms of response and commitment times.

Independents stand to lose more if they get a bad reputation. If a corporate agency receives a negative rating, it will likely fade into the background. In a nutshell, independents are more inclined to go out of their way to give excellent customer service since the consequences could be a lot worse for them as a business.

Independent agents tend to maintain a manageable applicant register, making finding the right buyer for your home easier. After a few conversations with the applicant, it becomes easy for the agent to assess and match them to the home of their dreams, which might be yours!

Marketing is Key

Corporate agents were sought after a long time ago since the internet was not wholly functional; this meant that they would have possible purchasers registered to call to advise them about the prospective property. These days, whether you’re an independent or corporate agency, you’ll almost certainly be advertising on the same sites.

As an independent, we are constantly looking for the best ways to assist our clients, one of which is by utilizing virtual videos on each property. Corporates are unlikely to spend the money required to produce a virtual video tour for every property they market.

It is crucial to list a property for an ideal marketing price rather than simply opting for a higher one. The correct pricing structure will elicit greater attention from purchasers at the outset, increasing the desirability of the property and the likelihood of achieving the best price. If you overprice the property initially, you risk missing out on the early surge of purchasers.

Staff Turnover

For some reason, staff turnover at corporate agents tends to be high. It may be worth considering why this would be and why agents tend to prefer to stay longer at independent agents?

Due to the experience of those working in independent agents, they often better understand the area and take the time to evaluate what their customers desire and the property pricing.

Communication is Essential for a Good Working Relationship

Excellent customer service requires effective communication, and being honest is always the best approach; corporate representatives have been known to overvalue a property to secure it. Perhaps this is because they aren’t confident in securing the property or aren’t offered the tools by their employer to compete. Independents tend to have much bigger marketing spending than corporates as they don’t have the corporate brand to seduce sellers.

Choose the agent you believe will accomplish the best job for you. Remember, you’ll be talking to this agent and their staff for the next few months. It helps if you get on with them and are still with the firm a few months down the line when critical decisions may be required to get your home through to completion!

While we think we’ve provided some convincing reasons to consider using an independent estate agent, we must emphasize that the people in your local branch will significantly impact your experience. Some excellent estate agents happen to work for corporates; we suggest taking your time to find the right fit for you and your home!

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