Joining Conran and Becoming Part of a Team

By: Michael Mbanunu
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Michael Mbanunu

The best word to describe my life would be change. Most of my early years of education and childhood were spent developing my creative skills. During my time in primary school, I would be happy whittling away hours drawing and writing poetry. Then in secondary school, I advanced into creating comics and had an itch for acting! 

My life has always been full of many different turns, and career paths, part of me is centred around being artistic and another side focussing on corporate and being marketing-savvy. I was always wondering and questioning what path was right for me. 

College was a step in the right direction for me; I started looking at more professional techniques for drawing and animation, such as creating storyboards and using animation tools like Adobe.

Progressing to university should have been a no brainer as to what I would enrol in, right? Wrong! All those artistic pursuits were scrapped as I chose Digital Marketing at the University of Chichester. Why? Because I felt the artistic skills alone are not enough in today’s world. 

Eventually, I grew fond of digital marketing, I use social media a lot, and I like the fact, there is more to it than entertainment. I developed my digital marketing skills, leading me to spend 2 years committed to several digital marketing internships and work experiences to build more in this field. 

When I turned to Conran, I was apprehensive of another apprenticeship, but I was assured that this would be converted into employment. I reported directly to the Area Director, Oliver Powell whose transparency and honesty was brilliant. We created a level of trust, and I realised the worth and value of my role and the company. Within a short time frame, I was given the role of Internet Marketing Assistant. The role enables me to be fully creative by creating content, visuals, and blogs. This has all been great as it takes me back to my creative roots, which had been lost for a while, but thanks to Conran, my creative side came back again!

I am loving life and loving my input at Conran.

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