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Landowners Step 5

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Dedicated team

Conran Estates is a key part of our group of companies. With a dedicated department & office we give your site our full attention. We have brought the best together to give us both the edge.

Conran Estates

Digital awareness

The development will be prominently promoted on this site with clear imaging and easy access. There continues to be extensive investment in our website – and given that statistics show that 70% of home buyers now begin their search online, we are constantly developing and enhancing our digital offering. We know the portals that work for you and have significantly increased our marketing on to give you maximum exposure.

Raising your profile

If social media was a martial art, we would have a black belt. Keeping your profile & property/site in the limelight is important to us and this needs to be approached with flexibility across a number of social media channels including; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more… Many agents promote the same things day in day out and become white noise. We’ve got this nailed and will explain more when we speak.

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