Cassius Hammond

By: John Perocho

I had a varied career path before finding my way to estate agency and joining Conran, and I feel I have now I have found my calling. One of my previous roles was as a Barrister Clerk in a leading set of chambers; I met a beautifully diverse cross-section of society in different phases of their lives. This helped further develop my ability to connect with people from all walks of life, something I am proud of. My other jobs were in Musical Theatre – a true love of mine and an experience which will always stay with me!

I am a local homeowner and Landlord and so have experienced both sides of the property market from both aspects, client and provider. Buying or selling your home isn’t just a financial transaction, it is also a very personal one. You may be saying goodbye to happy memories hoping to welcome new ones, and I am excited to embark on this journey with you.

I have lived in London pretty much my entire life, having grown up in Westminster, Brixton and Bexley.

I enjoy playing the piano in my spare time, which I can play to a good standard, perhaps one day we’ll set up a Conran rock band – there are many hidden talents amongst us Conranians!