Courtney O’Brien

By: John Perocho

I’m a born and raised Greenwich girl striving to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be, whilst still being supportive to others. I’m like a human sponge, soaking up as much knowledge and information as possible and always having a plan of action.

Marketing is something I’m very passionate about, whilst spending nearly all my life in some form of education I’ve learned that success doesn’t always bring happiness and that you should live life to the fullest! I love a good quote!

I’m socially active, meeting friends, going to concerts and spontaneous trips, of course, I can’t forget about my favourite pastime taking my furbaby (Penelope) to the local park in Greenwich and photographing every single thing she does, what can I say, she’s just adorable. I’m prepared for literally any situation from plasters, paracetamol, tissues to a pocket full of doggy toilet bags ready for any occasion.

Raising money for charities, taking part in Mcmillan coffee mornings to running for my life in race for life, I’m a caring and fun-loving person with a heart of gold. If the last 12 months have taught me anything it’s ‘make everyday count!’