Michael Mbanunu

By: John Perocho

I am lucky to have a tight family, being the oldest of two boys (feeling like a 3rd parent) has its ups and downs. I have learned to be [more!] patient, good at problem-solving, and an effective communicator! 

I have a strong passion for Digital Marketing, starting my experience 5 years ago when I managed a Facebook blog for one of my favourite anime series ‘One Piece’, which I used to binge-watch religiously as a kid. I’ve recently completed a 2-year internship with a start-up company working as a digital marketing intern, which has given me an insightful grounding.

When I’m not burning my eyes out for hours on end behind my laptop screen, I enjoy doing many creative things including; drawing, sketching, and writing up comics, which was inspired by ‘One Piece’. I tend to blow the cobwebs away with a gym workout (whenever it’s not closed!) and write stories (which led me to start writing blogs). I hope my friends would describe me as having a great sense of humour, supportive, responsible, determined and focussed (unless I’m on Netflix!). I’ve developed a lot of these things from spending time with my family, which brings me back nicely to where I started this Bio.