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Missing Your Colleagues During COVID-19 Lockdown?

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Office Colleagues During Covid Lockdown

Research conducted by Dataloft suggests 40% of workers are missing their colleagues. The shift to being furloughed or homeworking can make a significant impact on our mental well being and productivity; we should be aware of this and taking measures to look after ourselves.

On the 12th May at 7 pm, the government made a surprise announcement that Estate Agents can reopen their offices the following day. This took everyone in the industry by surprise, and while most are delighted by the opportunity to reopen and conduct business, numerous concerns need to be considered.

First and foremost is safety, the safety of staff and the customer. Actual viewings and face to face property appraisals are now required, and the logistics of keeping safe are vital.

Our MD, Simon Hughes, and I meet each Partner in their office on Wednesday 13th to conduct a Health and Safety assessment. We decided that we would only reopen offices once the assessment had been conducted and following any precautions required, each office was signed off. Each staff member has to have the minimum PPE needed to carry out their job safely and the offices have been adapted to allow for social distancing.

We have drawn up a viewing protocol which is being explained to each applicant when booking a viewing and is being emailed as confirmation.

The offices opened on Monday 18th May, and we have seen significant activity levels. The requests for property appraisals both for sales and lettings have been unprecedented and we have over 20 viewings already arranged on existing stock.

Shortly after the first viewings on Monday morning, the first offers started coming in.

So, we count ourselves lucky; we can get back to work, it appears that we have significant levels of work to conduct and signs are good that Conran, our local, independent agency will once again thrive. Furthermore, our team are one by one returning to work, renewing acquaintances with colleagues and hopefully, the mental stress of lockdown is starting to recede.

We look forward to helping South East London get moving again.

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