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4 Must-Have Features For Aspirational Homes

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Are you thinking of putting your luxury home on the market? If you are hoping to achieve a premium price, it might be a good idea to tap into the kind of property features that aspirational homebuyers will be looking for.

Competition in the housing market is tough, and if your home ticks all the right boxes, chances are that there will be greater interest in your property compared to similar houses for sale nearby. Not only that, but it puts you in the best possible position to command a higher price.

Let’s take a look at the 4 luxury features that discerning house hunters will be expecting to find.

1. Smart home technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a lot to answer for. These days, there’s a vast choice of cutting-edge tech that can be incorporated into luxury homes to provide the ultimate in convenience and cool, stylish living.

A smart home is one that is fitted with network connected systems, appliances and equipment that can be automated and controlled remotely, often using nothing more complicated than a smartphone app. Top smart features that are expected as standard in luxury homes include:

  • Smart home security systems, internet connected security cameras, motion sensor lighting and other anti-intruder measures that can be operated remotely, offer 24/7 monitoring and effective protection.
  • Smart home heating systems, with programmers and thermostats that learn your family’s temperature preferences and will adjust automatically or can be overridden via your smartphone
  • Curtains and blinds that open and close at the touch of a button, at sunset or sunrise or on demand, and lights that can be programmed on a timer or respond to an activity in the room.
  • Smart appliances in the kitchen, living room or anywhere in the home that can not only be controlled remotely but that can tell you when to take an action (e.g. replenish the fridge) or when there is a problem.

2. Luxury kitchen

Estate agents know only too well that kitchens sell houses. At the premium end of the market, homebuyers will expect to find a kitchen that really wows – both in terms of style and functionality.

Think light-flooded, open-plan kitchen/dining areas with plenty of space for the family to cook, dine and socialise. Bespoke cabinetry, high-end finishes, top-of-the-range appliances and little luxury touches throughout are a given, but if you really want to impress your would-be buyers, include elements that you would only find in a professional kitchen, with extras such as

  • Chef grade stove with modules for induction, steam and indoor grilling
  • Double oven with warming drawers
  • Integrated coffee machine
  • Feature cooker hood
  • Wine fridge or separate wine cellar
  • Walk-in pantry

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, ensure that yours has a very strong pulse.

3. Home spa experience

If the kitchen is the beating heart of the home, the bathroom should be the ultimate sanctuary where you can relax after a long day. In luxury homes, this translates into spaces (for there will be several bathrooms) that serve much more than a mere utilitarian purpose.

Take inspiration from professional day spas and make sure that your bathrooms, shower rooms and en-suites positively ooze this quality of experience. Here are some important features to look out for:

  • Feature bath tub, rain shower and luxury fixtures and fittings throughout
  • Dimmable lights, bathroom mood lighting and colour therapy
  • Smart tech including touch screen mirrors, TV and sound system
  • Comfortable seating and dressing area
  • Optional sauna, steam room and jacuzzi
  • Streamlined storage to banish clutter and create a sense of relaxation
  • Calming colour schemes and soft textures to soothe the mind
  • Natural elements, lush plants and pleasing scents to calm the senses
  • Beautiful displays of art and objets, and indulgent spa-quality toiletries

Before every house viewing visit, make a point of staging your bathroom for maximum appeal. This article has some great ideas on how to achieve that spa-like look.

4. Outdoor living spaces

Finally, aspirational homes aren’t just luxurious on the inside. Prime property owners put just as much thought and money into their outdoor areas as they do indoors. Does your garden set the right tone?

It goes without saying that professional garden design and regular maintenance is a must to keep the aesthetic appeal of your garden in top shape. For indulgent alfresco living, an outdoor pool and chillout area are highly desirable, as are indoor leisure facilities such as a gym and spa suite.

For private entertaining, a BBQ area and outdoor kitchen sends the right signal, as does a dedicated children’s play area for family homes.

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