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Need to get Professional Standard Photos to Market Your Home for Sale or to Let?

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How do you market your property with the current Coronavirus situation

Government advice is for estate agents not to visit properties where avoidable, and with social distancing, meeting a seller or landlord in the property isn’t possible.

We are forward-thinking and proactive in enabling Conran customers to market their properties should they need to before the sanctions are lifted.

In the absence of our professional photographers, here are some tips on how to maximise what you, the owner, can do. Along with the powerful tools we have, we can still create stunning marketing for your property.

Read on for the 10 tips of how to shoot those photos which can be magicified!

Number 1 – Use Our Prepare Your Property for Photography Guide

Click here to download our FREE Prepare Your Property for Photography guide

Number 2 – Use the newest Camera or Phone Possible

Few of us have professional-standard cameras at home, why would you when the camera in your phone is likely to pretty good?

The new iPhone 11 has been reviewed alongside brand leading SLR’s such as Canon or Sony with comparable results.

If you are lucky enough to have the 11 pro or a Samsung Galaxy S9, then use the wide-angle lens to get more of the room in.

… and if you don’t, just take the photos with what you have – you’ll be surprised with what we can do!

Oh, and I would suggest you take both a wide-angle shot and a standard shot!

Number 3 – Cloudy Days

As I write this, the garden is in glorious sunshine but knowing the UK; this could change any minute!

Don’t worry too much about the weather; we have a tool to fix that!

Number 4 – Brighten up your Life (open curtains and blinds!)

Even if turning the lights on doesn’t seem to add much light, it can make all the difference with the final result after editing. Don’t forget to change any dud bulbs, you wouldn’t want a dud bulb to ruin your photo!

Number 5 – Quantity

Please don’t worry about sending us too many images. You never know, we may be able to convert an image which looks so weak you may have deleted into winning marketing material!

Number 6 – We can remove you!

Should your perfect angle be ruined by a reflection in the mirror then don’t worry too much about it. I suggest you take the photo from the desired angle and then a backup photo where you can’t be seen in the mirror.

There is every chance we can simply remove you from the photo if needs be

Number 7 – Stand Back as far as is Possible

Especially if you don’t have a wide-angled option on your phone/camera, it is best to stand as far back as possible for the best results.

See the following photos which were taken on a phone which didn’t have a wide-angled option.

Number 8 – Don’t shoot from the hip!

By shooting between eye and chest level, you will produce the most realistic angle that someone would view a property from.

There is also less of a chance of creating strange angles with furniture and walls.

Number 9 – Always shoot in Landscape!

The majority of websites we will use to show off how wonderful your home is will support landscape images. You may take a beautiful picture in portrait, but the image will look small and awkward on property websites.

Number 10 – Hold the Camera Still

I know it sounds basic, but by holding the camera still, you will get the best shot! If you don’t have a tripod, then simply hold your breath for the few seconds it takes to shoot the image will really help!

Good luck and enjoy the results!!

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