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Preparing Your Property for Photography

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It is said that first impressions last a lifetime, and this could very well be true when it comes to buyers laying eyes on the perfect home for the first time. That is why having the best photographs is so vital.

Get the photos right and it could mean higher offers and a quicker sale. Here are some steps, that you may wish to take to prepare your home for a professional photography shoot and showcase your property at its very best.

Get The Outside Right

  • Compare to the neighbouring houses, take any simple steps that can uplift the look of your property
  • Mow the lawn
  • Where possible move any vehicles from outside the property
  • Remove any clutter from outside the property such as toys, bins or hoses
  • Clean the windows


General Tips

  • Make sure your home is well lit, replace anylight bulbs that have gone and turn on allinternal lights
  • Remove any net curtains and open all the curtains and blinds
  • Consider staging rooms with fresh flowers
  • Remove personal photos from shelves


Reception | Living Room

  • Arrange cushions and remove old throws from sofas
  • Where you have wooden or tiled floors consider removing rugs
  • Check bookcases and tables are decluttered, removing toys, magazines etc.



  • Make the beds with your best bed clothes
  • Check for clutter, is there anything visible under the bed?
  • Close all drawers and wardrobe doors



  • Close the toilet lid
  • Put a new roll of toilet paper in its holder
  • Remove:
    shower gels, shampoos, beauty products, toothbrushes, razors, towels & robes off back of door



  • Consider filling the fruit bowl with fresh and colourful fruit
  • Close all cupboards and remove any child safety devices
  • Clear the sink and draining board
  • Clear all worktops removing:
    Chopping boards, tea towels, small appliances, move bins from sight, remove fridge magnets, pet food bowls/beds.


Don’t Forget

  • Moving furniture helps make the room look bigger – Our photographers ideally need to stand in the corners of each room
  • Fresh flowers adds a nice finishing touch to a property, especially in plain rooms, this adds a bit of colour
  • All lightbulbs need to be working, a well lit home is a happy home
  • Open all curtains and blinds to let in natural light
  • Ensure that main features of the room such as fireplaces and windows are all visible from at least onecorner of the room.


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