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Sell my Home… Quick!!

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Selling properties quick

Selling (and letting) property is what we do! We conduct hundreds of market appraisals each year, and one of the most asked questions is “how long will my property take to sell”.

Of course, there is no definitive answer to this, and no estate agent can give any guarantees. Still, there are considerations to ensuring you give yourself the best possible chance to sell quickly and for the best price.

It is unlikely to get a speedy sale if you want to put a premium on your property. Property hunters have a plethora of information at their fingertips. They know what the house down the road sold for, they see the size of your property and can calculate a cost per square foot, they can see how long a property has been on the market and even if it has had people pull out of a purchase historically!

Get advice from professional estate agents

When it comes to getting a quick sale, listen to professionals and consider what they are telling you. Most agents are marketing specialists, albeit not all. They know if your property is too cluttered, they know if the colour scheme is not right, they know all about kerb-appeal and what local purchasers are looking for. Outstanding agents will invest in your property before they even earn a penny from the sale by instructing a fantastic professional photographer. They have the intelligence to know that if the marketing is incredible and the price is in the correct ball-park, then they should create interest from motivated buyers.

Consider what output the estate agent produces in the way of brochures. Outstanding agents will invest in professionally printed brochures to hand to potential buyers to create a ‘wow’ effect when given to them. It surprises us how many still print your property particulars from the photocopier and provide them to the buyer. People expect quality these days, and this isn’t what a marketing company does!

Price accordingly

Look at the pricing based on Rightmove pricing zones. For example, if you want to achieve £310,000, consider putting on the market for offers in excess of £300,000. You will then capture those looking up to £300k, and your property will get many more viewings and competition is created. Experience tells us that buyers generally find a bit more if there is keen interest in a property.

We hope this helps and good luck.

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