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Selling this Summer?

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preparing property for sale this summer

Ultimately the job of any reputable estate agent is to market a property showcasing its best features in order to:

  1. Find a buyer who is offering the best price to sell
  2. Ensuring the property sale progresses smoothly and in the shortest possible time frame

To achieve this a seller can help themselves and here are a few tips;

1.1 Spring-Clean

Spring-clean. Buyers love being greeted by sparking, decluttered home.  High-strength warm light bulbs and clean windows will also make rooms look lighter.

1.2 Makeshift Office Removal

Remove signs of a makeshift office from the dining room table, clear away kids’ toys and turn the junk room back into a bedroom.

1.3 Developers

Developers spend a fortune on their show-flats.  There is a reason for this! If your property is empty, consider having it professionally dressed – it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and you should get the money back in the increased price you achieve. You could always use the furniture as an incentive to incoming buyers. We can advise you!

1.4 Feedback

Listen to feedback given by past viewers. For example, if everybody thought that a hallway was poky you can buy mirrors to enhance the feel of space.  Perhaps a lick of off-white paint too?

1.5 Tidy the Garden

Tidy the garden or outside space. If a flat, and the approach is owned by a neighbour, then offer free help to clear it thus providing a great first impression.

1.6 Websites Portals

Think website portals and try to hit their price points.  For example, if your home is worth in the region of £410,000 then market it on for a guide price of £400,000 to £425,000 or you may omit those looking for £400,000 (who may well be prepared to pay more than their original budget to secure your beautiful home!).

1.7 14-week breaks

Finally, if your property has been on with another agent, and you are not in a desperate rush, then I recommend a 14-week break from the market as it will then show as a new instruction rather than a price reduction on the portals.  This will achieve a much higher response.

I hope this helps. Please don’t fall into the mindset that any viewer will see the potential as it is not true – show them!

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