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Top 5 Stress-free Tips for finding your new dream home

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You have decided to take the plunge and move home! But, finding your new home can be stressful, and we can all relate to that! Here are 5 helpful tips to make the process as stress-free as possible!

1. Plan and Prepare

Lack of preparation is one of the top mistakes homemovers make. Did you know that almost two-thirds of potential buyers don’t have a list of pre-prepared questions to ask the agent about the property they are viewing?

When planning, it’s best to list down the criteria of your negotiables and non-negotiables. There are also other things to consider like which home features are a must-to-have for you and which are you willing to compromise.

A thorough online search can save you time and is a great starting point when looking for the most suitable home for you and your family. We suggest you check with your local Estate Agents too, they may have a home about to hit the market which could be ideal!

2. Understand that there is a Process

Although you have a plan, know that plans don’t always go according to as you expect them to. Set realistic time expectations to when you are hoping to move by, searches, mortgage surveys and the legal aspect taking longer than you may think!

A good agent will generally recommend you put your property on the market before you find the home of your dreams, unless you are in a position to move, the seller of your newly found dream home is unlikely to consider your offer.

Next, make an appointment with a local independent mortgage adviser, not only will they be able to show you the best rates on the market but they will also be able to advise regarding deposit required and other costs which may be applicable.

3. Build Rapport and Connections

Take time to talk to your local estate agent, the better you know them and the stronger your relationship the more likely the process will go smoothly. Furthermore, your local agent will tend to be a wealth of knowledge about the local property market.

Befriending neighbours when viewing houses is an invaluable activity too. Say hello to those you pass in the street – it is amazing how insightful their response can be! They may also share a great local secret or two!

4. Prepare for your Sale

Staging your home properly and correctly can lead to a quick sale, especially when you are in a time crunch.

The things you should be doing first are freshening up the paintwork, completing unfinished repairs, and making time for home improvements.

With a well-staged home, houses can sell quicker and for higher prices compared to homes that are not. So before getting your home advertised spend some time make sure it’s photographed in its best light. Remember you have one chance to create a first impression!

5. Moving in Pandemic Times

Activity in the property market has been phenomenal since the market reopened. During Lockdown, people have realised that their property isn’t as suitable as they may have previously thought. Home buyers are looking into properties with more indoor and outdoor space with ‘Garden’ being the no: 1 search term in 2020!

As a buyer or seller, keep in mind that there are pandemic measures you must follow to protect you, the agents, and buyers from any harm. Make sure to implement them at all times.

This includes limiting physical contact with one another, processing documents remotely, and moving as marketing strategies online such as producing Virtual Video Tours as much as is possible.

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