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The Problem with 360* Photography

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Unfortunately, 360 Photography isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It likely reduces the number of viewing’s, if anything.

If you are a buyer looking for a two-bedroom flat, what do you think will come up? On Average, more than a hundred properties – perhaps more depending on the location!

Therefore, what do buyers do when 100 properties come up? They find reasons NOT to view because not all a hundred properties are going to be of interest. As there is such a choice, any small thing may put them off, and they need to be fussy; no one wants to be viewing that many properties!

Yes, 360 Photography does show your home in full and allow you to zoom in on every minor feature, BUT that is the problem! It shows everything, so that could be the tiny crack in the corner, the stain on the carpet, or the untidy wiring partly hidden (but not on 360!) – admittedly not things you want in a property you buy. Still, these are minor details of a property in the grand scheme of things and can be dealt with.

The fact is buyers are trying to rule out properties, and with the help of 360 photography, they can! This could’ve been your perfect buyer and just because of a small thing that put them off initially, there will no longer be a potential sale.

What’s the Solution?

Virtual videos Tours are the best way forward as it gives the buyer a real insight into your home, whilst showing the best parts, to leave the buyers wanting more. Photographers do this every day; they know what the best features and angles of properties are, and it means the sellers are more in control as they can choose what goes online as the photographer aims to show your home in the best light.

But make sure the video is hand edited to ensure it focuses on the highlights of your home!

Don’t give buyers a reason to switch off; make them feel like they would be missing out if they don’t arrange a physical viewing.

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