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Top 3 Tips to Protect your BTL Asset during Winter

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Top 3 Tips to Protect your BTL Asset during Winter

Winter is coming! It can be a difficult period for landlords as this is when problems are most likely to surface – sadly.

This is the time of year when discerning landlords double-check that everything in their property is functioning correctly and safely. With winter arriving later than usual this year, boiler engineers are expected to be particularly busy.

Top 3 Tips!

  1. Make sure your boiler is in good operating order and consider purchasing a boiler protection plan to safeguard yourself and your tenants in the event something goes wrong. Your tenants will anticipate a speedy response from a broken-down boiler.
  2. Unfortunately, because there is less ventilation moving through the property in Winter, dampness and mould can become an issue at this time. Ensure that the property is well aired, that bathroom moisture is removed, and that the property is kept heated to minimise disruption.
  3. With fewer daylight hours in the winter, the last thing you want is an electricity problem. If the electricals were rewired within the last 20 years, you should have no major issues (as wiring typically lasts anywhere from 20-40 years), but it’s now a legal requirement to obtain an electrical safety certificate before your tenants can move in. While this became an additional cost for many landlords, these landlords are now better protected by being aware of any problems in advance. These certifications are valid for 5 years.

Bonus Tip!

Did you know that all rental properties must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C or higher by 2025? This is a huge improvement above the current legal rating of E. Begin improving your property’s EPC rating as soon as possible so that it won’t be a significant financial impact in four years. When this happens, if the rating is lower than a C, you may find it difficult to rent or sell your property easily.

Why not engage a property manager instead of worrying about these issues? At Conran we make sure that all your properties are well-managed so that you don’t have to! As soon as any maintenance difficulties arise, our systems assist our managed tenants. It includes step-by-step directions to aid in fixing these issues, and if they are still unable to do so, we will take over promptly. Even better, our system will give our tenants instructions in their native language (40+ languages).

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