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Top 5 Winter Care Tips for Landlords

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Landlords are busy all year round but in winter, many landlords find that they have a lot of tasks to take care of. Colder temperatures and more challenging weather conditions ensure that tenants have many requests and a landlord must work harder to ensure the property is maintained in excellent condition. 

While the immediate benefit of a warm property in winter is for the tenant, the landlord benefits in the longer-term. A happy tenant is a tenant who is more likely to stay, reducing the likelihood of dealing with a void property. A happy tenant will be more likely to leave a positive review for a tenant, which is always great news for a landlord. Also, when a property is better maintained, this reduces the work a landlord must do in caring for the property, which is a significant benefit to most landlords. 

You can provide tenants with a better service by caring for your property 

At Conran Estates, we are fully committed to helping local landlords care for their property and provide their tenants with the best standard of service. Here are our top 5 winter care tips for landlords: 

  1. Bleed radiators 
  2. Clean gutters
  3. Lag pipes
  4. Provide a plan for dealing with challenging weather conditions 
  5. Review and improve (if necessary) the condition of all windows and doors 

If you follow these tips, your tenants will be happier and your rental accommodation will be in better condition. 

Bleed radiators 

While many people believe that bleeding a radiator is a task for tenants, many landlords like to take care of this job. Doing so provides confidence that the job has been carried out to a high standard and it provides tenants with a better standard of service. 

Bleeding a radiator removes blocked air. Doing so helps to create a better circulation of air around a home, increasing the comfort while ensuring that the energy is used more effectively. Bleeding a radiator is a simple task if you follow instructions, but it can have a hugely positive impact on the condition of a property in winter. 

Clean gutters 

Cleaning gutters isn’t a fun job, and it can be messy, but it is an important job. When gutters are blocked, there is a greater likelihood of water damaging the inside and outside of the property. If the temperature dips, there is also a chance that the water can freeze, which poses further risks and problems. 

Cleaning your gutters minimises the likelihood of problems arising while improving the aesthetics of the property. 

Lag pipes 

Burst or frozen pipes are a huge concern for landlords and tenants. The damage caused by burst or frozen pipes can be costly as well as causing great inconvenience. Lagging pipes helps to maintain the temperature of the pipes, reducing the likelihood of the pipes freezing or bursting. 

Provide a plan for dealing with challenging weather conditions 

A landlord should offer guidance to their tenants on how to deal with problems that arise from poor weather conditions in winter. Investing in ice scrapers, grit, a shovel, torches and other items that allow tenants to deal with problems will make tenants feel more confident. 

While this minor investment will make tenants feel happier at home, it should also help to maintain the condition of a property. This means the landlord benefits as much as the tenant. 

Review and improve (if necessary) the condition of all windows and doors 

Gaps or cracks in the frames of doors or windows can make a house feel cold, miserable and damp. Therefore, landlords should take the time to review these frames. If there are issues, they should be fixed, filled, repaired or replaced. Minimising the areas where warm air can escape from a home while reducing the areas where cold air can enter makes for a more comfortable home in winter. 

If you are a landlord looking to provide your tenants with the best service, while caring for your property, this winter; contact Conran Estates and we will do what we can to support you. 

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