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Top Tips for Designing Your Forever Home

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Not all homes are created equally – some homes are meant purely as a way of getting your foot on the property ladder while others are an opportunity to upsize for growing families, or downsize to a low maintenance home as you age. If you’re ready to transform your property into your forever home, there are a few things to consider when you’re making changes or renovations. Here are a few top tips for designing your forever home.

saving budget for home

Make a Budget

Before you can start making changes to your property, you need to establish a budget. Since you’re planning on staying in your home for the foreseeable future, it makes sense to invest more into getting the home you really want, whereas if you were planning on moving in a few years, it would be wiser to save on these investments for quicker fixes. Work out what you want to do to your property and then you can figure out how to best get the most from your budget.

Consider Both Current and Future Needs

It’s a good idea to think about your needs now and in 10 or 20-years’ time. For example, if you’re planning on adding an extra room for your kids, how will that room be used when they move out? Will it work well as a home office, for example? Will you need that space in the future, or is there a better fix you can make that will suit your needs both now and in the future? Similarly, consider features like hallways and stairs, and whether they’re wide enough for buggies or multiple people if your family grows.

When you’re making these considerations, don’t just think about the interior of your property. You should also think about the garden and upgrading your outdoor space to fit the needs of you and your family throughout the years, whether that’s adding decking for gatherings or a pool to make the most of your garden in the warmer months. It’s all about focusing on the features you’ll make use of at any age, as well as making rooms adaptable as your needs change.

kitchen faucet fixture

Make Fixtures Easy to Use

There’s no doubt that over the years, you’ll want to change up how your home looks and upgrade various features. But it’s still a good idea to choose fixtures that are easy to use for all ages. For example, lever-style door handles are easier for younger people to use and they can also be really useful when you have your hands full of shopping bags. Similarly, D-shaped drawer pulls, walk-in showers and paddle-style tap handles are all examples of ways you can make your home stylish but still practical for everyday living.

Create a Liveable Space on the Ground Floor

If you’re making upgrades to your home with the intention of it being a property you can grow old in, you want to make sure that the ground floor is accessible and easy to navigate. One way to do this is to keep a full bathroom and a room which can be used as a bedroom on the main floor so that there’s a completely liveable space that doesn’t require the need for stairs to access.

stylish living area

Don’t Go with Trends

Trends come and go, so you don’t want to invest in a style that will seem outdated in a few years’ time. It’s much more cost-effective to go with a classic, timeless design at the core of your home. You can then simply use furniture or soft furnishings if you want to change up the look without spending a fortune on renewing the foundations each time.

Choose Lasting Materials

Using materials that are built to last can make a huge difference to your home and it can also make your money go a lot further in the long-term. The right materials will minimise how much work you need to do to your home in the future, so it’s worth investing in areas such as flooring and your bathroom suite. These are parts of your home that you’ll use constantly and the better the quality you choose at the beginning, the more likely they’ll stand up to wear and tear.


From small upgrades that make a big difference, to major renovations that completely transform your property, there are many ways to approach creating your forever home. When it comes to creating the perfect home for your needs, you need to consider your budget and how these needs might change over time, as this will inform the refurbishments you’re able to make. You also need to think about how your tastes will change – opting for a timeless look will keep your home looking great for years to come.

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