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What To Do If Your House Isn’t Attracting Buyers

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Selling your home can be a challenging process, and there are many steps to overcome. For some vendors, standing out in the marketplace and attracting buyers is the most difficult part of the process. Even though there is a lot of debate about a lack of supply of homes in the marketplace, there is still competition for vendors. 

At Conran Estates, we are pleased to have helped many vendors in areas like Charlton and Greenwich sell their home. We understand the importance of attracting buyers and we understand the difficulties if you don’t draw attention to your home, for all the right reasons. 

Therefore, we are happy to provide you with top tips that will help your home to stand out for all the right reasons: 

  1. Place a proper valuation on your home
  2. Consider a wider range of sales channels 
  3. Arrange an open day for your home
  4. Make sure you sell the local community and area as well as your home 
  5. Choose a better estate agent 

Place a proper valuation on your home 

It is vital that you have your home valued by professionals. A home with too high a value will be overlooked by prospective buyers while a home with too low a value will see you lose money. Therefore, it is best to call on a professional who will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your home, and this value will allow you to price your home at an effective price. 

Consider a wider range of sales channels 

There is a range of sales channels to choose from these days, and it is important that vendors choose the right option. Traditional methods are still the most attractive options for a vendor, and this should be the starting point in selling your home. 

However, there is nothing wrong with promoting your home on social media or considering ways in which you can reach a wider audience. Selling by property auction isn’t going to be suitable for every vendor but if you have struggled to attract attention over a lengthy period, it may be best to try something different. 

Arrange an open day for your home 

While prospective buyers may not be interested in arranging a one-to-one visit at your property, there may be increased interest for an open day at your home. There is less pressure for the buyer with an open day presentation, and if you promote it effectively, it could reach out a wider audience. 

Once viewers are in your home, you can impress them with what you have to offer, and you benefit from having many prospective buyers in the same place at the same time. Some buyers may perceive other buyers to have an interest, and this can galvanise them into making an offer for your home. 

Make sure you sell the local community and area as well as your home 

There are times when the prospective buyer isn’t just looking for a house, they want a place where they can settle for many years. In this regard, the local area and community are as important as the house itself. Never forget the importance of the local area when presenting a property and if you can do so, you should ensure you promote the local area. 

Choose a better estate agent 

The reason your home isn’t attracting buyers may be down to the fact that your current estate agent isn’t doing a good enough job on your behalf. Not all agents are the same, and it may be that a more productive and experienced agent will make the difference in selling your home. 

At Conran Estates, we are pleased to have helped many homeowners attract buyers and sell their home. If you would like to attract buyers for all the right reasons, get in touch and we will do what we can.

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