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Your Land Options

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Has My Land got Potential?

It is so difficult to self-assess if your land, garage or commercial premises has any potential.  We are local land experts and our job is to remove the guesswork and work with you to identify what potential your asset has to offer.

We will look at all options with you, whether you should look to apply for planning yourself or if there is a better option to suit your circumstances.  We can help by recommending the best professionals to assist you maximise the financial potential to ensure you get the best possible returns.

If you want honest and transparent advice, then let’s talk.  All conversations are confidential and there is no obligation whatsoever.

I’ve Applied for Planning Consent

You may well know what you want to achieve.  You may want to build your project, or you may be willing to let someone else do that stressful part of the development once you have benefited from gaining planning consent.

We would love to work with you throughout the process.  We know the builders and developers who are looking for sites to build in your area right now and therefore you could benefit from making a profit sooner than you thought?

For fresh thinking then speak to us about your plans.  There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from a brief confidential conversation with our experts with no obligation.

I’ve had planning refused

Isn’t it so frustrating? So many planning applications get refused first time round, but all is not lost and don’t give up just yet!

Speaking to one of our experts might help with clarity.  We are very well connected and potentially we may have solutions for you.

Whilst appealing might be your first instinct, it is worth careful consideration as the refusal notice will have specific information you may need to overcome before taking any course of action.

You may be fed up of the whole process and we may well have someone who is looking for a project just like yours.

Let’s have a confidential conversation so we can help guide you through the maze of planning?

We can expertly guide you through to the next step to gain clarity and ultimate success.

A planning appeal might seem like the most obvious course of action, but very often a refusal notice will give you all you need to know to overcome the planning?

My planning is approved

This is great news and congratulations. You are in a strong position with choices to make.  You may wish to build it yourself and keep the profit albeit with the stresses and strains of building or you may just want to sell with the benefit of planning and profit sooner?  We would love to assist you with either option.

It starts with an up-to-date land valuation whereby we will take an in-depth review at what the realistic value of the site will be with all the units built. We will give you an idea what a builder / developer will pay right now for the site or, if you are going to build, we will work with you to ensure a smooth launch.

Whatever your route, we have the best solution for you and would love to talk.

My site is under construction

Let’s talk disposal options?

Selling New Homes is very different to selling second-hand property stock which is why we have a specialist department headed up by our Managing Director, Simon Hughes.

Conran has been operating since 1999 and understand the importance of promoting developments and have had much experience in this field.

As part of our New Homes marketing strategy we can offer a full launch service from the site brand / logo design, CGI commissioning, site hoarding, professional brochures and photography, VIP events for specific types of purchaser (i.e. investors or FTB’s), Facebook / Google marketing to specifically target the ideal buyer… in fact the list is endless!  Or, you may simply wish for a very basic listing service from an agent!

One thing is for sure, we really know how to successfully dispose of new home sites and can prove it!

Interested in turning land into properties?

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What our customers say  quote_right_icon

Michael John – and Conran Estates in general – have always been helpful and professional in their advice and services. Conran’s focus on a few key local areas gives them in depth knowledge – but I think also means they have skin in the game, and as such their service levels are significantly better than their peer group. I would recommend Conran Estates for both sales and rental management!

John Doe

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